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Thanks a lot to AB team for the good material you send me and for the support of all of you, it is really appreciated!
I loved the AB straight drills kit with stoppers. It change it all and make the implant surgery way simpler!

Dr Jeremie Belliveau

My Dear Dr. Raviv, 

As I have always told you, your service at AB, and particularly your knowledge and responsiveness are second to none.  The implants and components are just fine too”

Dr. Paul Zung


knowledge and responsiveness are second to none.Dr. Paul Zung Toronto, Ontario


I love your AB  implants and the other prosthetic components.  I really appreciate the
support and expertise that you and your husband provide. Your prices are very economical.

Dr. Paul Zung




I love your A B Implants







I`m a dentist in Montreal with a busy general practice and  multiple associates. I`ve been placing and restoring dental implants for the past 22 years .


Through a lot of persistence, Dr. Milli had been asking me to change from my pervious implant system to A-B.I made the switch 8 months ago and can say that I have been very pleased with their I5 Implant. Due to its narrow apical part, I find it very easy to place, with a smaller osteotomy, and yet has great initial stability thanks to its aggressive threads and larger head. The prosthetic choices are wide and perform well. I might also add that their pricing is excellent and there`s a possibility to purchase as a package deal with Implant, healing cap, abutment and analog altogether. The service is good and efficient. They also have a prosthodontist on staff so that I can get dentist to dentist help in choosing the best prosthetic part for challenging cases.

All in all, I am very happy with AB implant system and find the I5 Implant a pleasure to work with.


Dr. Laurent Oiknine, Montreal, Quebec


Dr. Laurent Oiknine

A simple  and rich course. Good facilities, Very good instructor..”
Dr. Haissam El Hajj- Montreal, Quebec

A simple and rich course





This course gave me needed information about implant dentistry.  Useful and interesting course material.

Very good course

Dr. S. Reznick- Toronto , Ontario


Useful and interesting course material.




Easy course, I have learned a lot in this course

Dr. P. Hatam, Montreal, Quebec


I have learned a lot in this course


Unintimidating course. Very good instructor.

Dr. Yu Kowng Li  Montreal, Quebec




Very good instructor. Thank you for the most informative, well done implant course“

-Dr. Milene Abadi- Montreal, Quebec



Thank you for the most informative, well done implant course

very good course. was pleased to have my own physio dispenser for

Very good course. I feel comfortable starting to place implants”

Dr. Jan Hanna-   Toronto, Ontario




Very good course. I feel comfortable starting to place implants



– Dr. A. Chopra- Toronto, Ontario




Excellent competence builder..”

Dr. E. Zini- Magog-Quebec

Excellent competence builder

Vast experience by presentor, It is a pleasure to learn from Dr.
Raviv, This course is highly recommendable..”

Dr. Haimovici- Montreal



This course is highly recommendable,”A very good course to improve knowledge in Implantology” –

Dr. Erwin Strobach-Montreal

improve knowledge in Implantology

” Very good Course” – Dr. Barchichat-Montreal

Very good Course

” An open and personal course where we can ask questions and build up
our knowledge”-

Dr. Eunice Berger- Ottawa-Ontario



It has a smart and wide range of restorative options at a very competitive price. I have been using in the past 23 years many different implant systems and according to my expert opinion A.B. Implant is the smartest and most reasonable system. A.B. service is great!!


Dr. Marc Weizman Tel: 514-484-3718


AB implants is an excellent implant system which has a wide choice of implant prosthetics to handle any situation and the service that AB Implants supply is quick and reliable.



Brian Gallman R.T.DPow Laboratories Inc.

“Great course, I learned a lot, good facilities”

Loan VoDr.Ottawa, Ontario



I have spent the most exiting, interesting 2 days with you.
Thank you

I am returning to Portugal and would like to invite you to give the same course in Portugal
Well done

Joao GoncalvesDr. - Oral and MaxillofacialPortugal


קורס שעוזר לך להמריא לשלב הבא

“תדע כל אם עבריה שגורל בניה בידי רופאי השיניים הראויים לכך” פרפרזה של בן גוריון על המפקדים בצה”ל זהו מסוג הקורסים שעושים אותך לאיש מקצוע ראוי יותר


מאיר אבירםדרישראל


תודה רבה לאלי ומילי על הקורס שתלים! קורס מעולה, היה כיף כל דקה שהייתי


ממדוב אלינהדר.בת ים. ישראל



I have been using AB implants for the past four years with fantastic results. In addition to single teeth I have used AB implants for full arch fixed prosthesis and as anchors for removeable appliances. Follow up radiographs consistently show very little to absolutely no bone loss in the large majority of cases. The service is second to none as I receive everything that I need within a single day and any questions that i have are answered immediately.

Darryl BlazinoD.D.S(807) 344-2921 Thunder Bay, ON.



AB products are so easy to use, and cost effective. AB has great service, as we receive our order the next business day without any delays. Excellent customer service, with no automation and you are talking with real people with no wait time. They offer great products for all implant services. We have been with many other implant services over the years, but we have been using AB the longest, due to their highest success rate and easy-to-use products. Thank you AB Implants!

Dr. D.H. Drake & Dr. T.G. DrakeDental Surgeons+1 519-273-4550Stratford, ON N5A 3H5

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