P17 Universal Holder Bar

The Holder Bar System includes a bar and special connectors

(Holders) that are ready to be assembled on implants immediately.

AB patent , unique, New !

Chair side bar:

Do it yourself !

Avoid Dental lab !

Less  dental appointments !

Save $$ !

  • Bar Adaptor

The system’s benefits

• Equal force distribution between implants.
• Low cost rehabilitation system.
• Does not require laboratory intervention.
• Easy for use, one continuous bar
• Regular standard parts for individual cases.
• Both jaws immediate loading.
• Restoration possibility of up to 60° implants inclination.

Application Method:

1. Installing the abutment on the implants.
2. Patty impartation of the abutments .
3. Bending the bar according to the patty impartation.
4. Placing the abutment on the bar .
5. Fixing the bar on the implants .
6. Final restoration.

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