P16 Straight Adaptor for Threaded Prosthesis

P16-3,75_3P16 An adapter that supplements All-on-4 restorative method by enabling restoration of the front teeth. There is usually no need for adjusting angles in this area. The adaptor is available at heights of 1-5 mm and the restoration with it is similar to restoration with the P14..


 p5-20P5-20 Multi-optional angular ball attachment, made from a single piece, designed to connect  a denture on tilted implants. Excellent solution for non-parallel implants, even at extreme angles, for accurate joints on over denture implants, Enables adjustment of the angle at which the implant is positioned, Provides multiple solutions for difficulties in affixing and removing over dentures, side pressures from other teeth/implants and prevents wear of ball attachment. Platform switching by design, allowing perfect environment for the soft-tissues growth and helps to prevent bone resorption.





P55 Low Connector


P55 – AB patent
Less expensive
Better than the conventional locators.
A new innovative extremely small overdenture attachment system for easy connection between the denture and the implants. The reduced height enables the dentist to place an overdenture even in cases of reduced interocclusal space. Platform switching by design, allowing perfect environment for the soft-tissues growth and helps to prevent bone resorption. Can be assembled with the regular abutment driver, special instruments are not needed. High retention.


Available in different heights: 1mm – 6mm.

P24 One piece angular adaptor




P24 The adaptor consists of a base & a metal sleeve, and used for screw retained rehabilitation on non-parallel implants by correcting extreme angles of the implant. Available in angles of 17°, 30°, 42° and at heights of 1 mm and 3 mm. This adaptor can be used for switch platform. Main advantages:



  • One unit with a complete standard screw (1.72mm)
  • Narrow and low – Appropriate solution to the aesthetic areas
  • Elliptic design provides high stability
  • Exceptionally strong adaptor
  • Simple and user friendly solution

Complementary accessories:

Impression transfer, analog, titanium sleeve, Plastic sleeve and healing cap.

P17 Universal Holder Bar

The Holder Bar System includes a bar and special connectors

(Holders) that are ready to be assembled on implants immediately.

AB patent , unique, New !

Chair side bar:

Do it yourself !

Avoid Dental lab !

Less  dental appointments !

Save $$ !

  • Bar Adaptor

The system’s benefits

• Equal force distribution between implants.
• Low cost rehabilitation system.
• Does not require laboratory intervention.
• Easy for use, one continuous bar
• Regular standard parts for individual cases.
• Both jaws immediate loading.
• Restoration possibility of up to 60° implants inclination.

Application Method:

1. Installing the abutment on the implants.
2. Patty impartation of the abutments .
3. Bending the bar according to the patty impartation.
4. Placing the abutment on the bar .
5. Fixing the bar on the implants .
6. Final restoration.