I5 Conical Implant

i5Conical Groovy Implant: Two-stage implants can be used with all types of bones. Their optimal usage is with mildly dense bones. They are recommended for soft bone and optional for dense bone. I5 implants are conical, spiral, double thread system implants, with deep and especially sharp thread enabling implant self-retention. This easy and quick insertion (self-tapping) system prevents bone tissue trauma and increases the implant’s external surface, accelerating the healing process. The implant is inserted via incision rather than clipping and crushing the bone. Suitable for immediate loading after extraction if there is sufficient compact bone. The implant “finds the way” and first retention is excellent even in sparse bone zones. The entire neck of the implant is delicately threaded in order to prevent bone retraction. All of the restoration components are compatible. Extra short implants with a length of 6 mm are offered in the 4.5, 5 and 6 mm diameters of the I5 Conical Groovy Implant.

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