Implant Course – Level 2 – Advanced (on human cadaver heads)

At this course you will be able to apply all implant procedures including sinus lift, grafts, bone defects, bone augmentation  and elevation of sinus by ” Balloon system”- sinus lift by a  NON invasive procedure. As well as the use of growth factor.

Cadaver Course Objectives:

This two-day course will feature a comprehensive analysis of the most
current tissue and bone grafting techniques for predictable long-term
success. This workshop is for dental clinicians with dental implant
experience, who would like to broaden their surgical expertise.
Due to the nature of the  Cadaver course, space is limited to 20 participants.

Course Outline:

DAY 1: Classroom- Theory
Classroom- Theory
• Introduction to Tissue Grafting
• Mechanisms of healing in bone & soft tissue grafts
• Treatment planning the grafting case
• Radiographic imaging & implant guide protocols
• Bone harvesting concepts
• Intra & extra-oral protocols
• Allograft & Xenograft alternatives –  Hands-On Workshop on cadaver heads
• Mandibular & Maxillary relevant anatomy
• Implant placement: Step-by-step protocol

• Exercise 1: Symphyseal harvesting: Block
• Exercise 2: Trephine core
• Exercise 3: Ramal & Oblique Ridge harvesting

DAY 2: Hands-On Workshop on cadaver heads
• Sinus elevation relevant anatomy
• Exercise 4: Maxillary sinus floor elevation: Buccal window technique
• Alternatives in sinus inlay bone grafting:
– Minimally Invasive Antral Membrane Balloon elevation ( New! )
• Exercise 5: Ridge Splitting & Expansion
• Post-operative protocols & new developments
• Soft tissue management
• Hard & soft tissue complications unique

Price: $3,000  (you will receive 3 Implants & 3 healing caps free).

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