Iraise Implant – Sinus lift system


New and Unique! 

Sinus Lift Implant.

Iraise Implant

Iraise Implant

Sinus lift convenient and safe 25 minute procedure.

Innovative concept in Canada:

“Sinus lift implant- “I raise.” 

An easy to learn technique that can be performed by all implantologists. 

One simple procedure:

Insert the implant and simultaneously perform a non invasive sinus lift.

I Raise is available in Sizes:  4.2mm  x 13mm

                                                4.2mm x  14.5mm

                                                4.2mm x  16mm

                                                5mm  x 13mm

                                                5mm x 14.5mm

                                                5mm x 16mm


I raise “implant- Health Canada approved

D1 Analog D2 Transfer P0 Healing Cap P3 Abutment

4-prosthetic parts

D1 Analog Made of stainless steel to allow preparation of laboratory models.

D2 Transfer Available for open tray – sharp edges and long screw, and closed tray – round edges and short screw.

P0 Healing cap Available in 3 options: standard, narrow and wide.

P3 A straight titanium abutment with hex,

allowing perfect environment for the soft-tissues growth and helps to prevent bone resorption.









Non Traumatic Extraction Kit.


  • Non Traumatic Extraction kit- Prof. Raviv’s design  New *** New *** New
    • This kit intended to preserve bone during the extraction and to facilitate the extraction. Two handles with ten tips. Each tip is very sharp with the curvature similar to the tooth root curvature, It cuts well and deep the periodontal ligament. No need to use elevators. It is a magnificent tool to use for extractions. Dentists admire this item – Very useful


Allograft bone in a syringe


Human Allograft blend of cortical and cancellous bone for bone regeneration. Helps bone regeneration through Osseoconduction needs rehydration in the syringe with saline or patient’s blood.