P17 Universal Holder Bar

The Holder Bar System includes a bar and special connectors

(Holders) that are ready to be assembled on implants immediately.

AB patent , unique, New !

Chair side bar:

Do it yourself !

Avoid Dental lab !

Less  dental appointments !

Save $$ !

  • Bar Adaptor

The system’s benefits

• Equal force distribution between implants.
• Low cost rehabilitation system.
• Does not require laboratory intervention.
• Easy for use, one continuous bar
• Regular standard parts for individual cases.
• Both jaws immediate loading.
• Restoration possibility of up to 60° implants inclination.

Application Method:

1. Installing the abutment on the implants.
2. Patty impartation of the abutments .
3. Bending the bar according to the patty impartation.
4. Placing the abutment on the bar .
5. Fixing the bar on the implants .
6. Final restoration.

I5 Conical Implant

i5Conical Groovy Implant: Two-stage implants can be used with all types of bones. Their optimal usage is with mildly dense bones. They are recommended for soft bone and optional for dense bone. I5 implants are conical, spiral, double thread system implants, with deep and especially sharp thread enabling implant self-retention. This easy and quick insertion (self-tapping) system prevents bone tissue trauma and increases the implant’s external surface, accelerating the healing process. The implant is inserted via incision rather than clipping and crushing the bone. Suitable for immediate loading after extraction if there is sufficient compact bone. The implant “finds the way” and first retention is excellent even in sparse bone zones. The entire neck of the implant is delicately threaded in order to prevent bone retraction. All of the restoration components are compatible. Extra short implants with a length of 6 mm are offered in the 4.5, 5 and 6 mm diameters of the I5 Conical Groovy Implant.

I2 Screw type implant

I2 Screw Type Groovy Implant.

I2 Screw Type Groovy Implant

Screw Type Groovy Implant: While two-stage implants can be used with all types of bones, their optimal usage is with wide and dense bone. I2 implants have double and dense threading. Available in narrow (3.75 mm) and wide (4.5 mm) platforms. They are used in multi-implant restoration. Immediate loading is optional. All the restoration components are compatible. Extra long implants with lengths of 18 mm and 20 mm are offered in the 4.2 mm diameter of the I2 Screw Type Groovy.